#winehq admin troubles

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Mon Nov 5 12:53:21 CST 2007

> If people really are expected to know everything there is to know
> before they try to help, is it really such a wonder that there's only
> a few solid contributors left, and they're stressed from it?
Absolutly not. That's why imho, the #winehq should be taken off the homepage. The newly created wine-forum.org has
multiple advantages over an IRC chan:
- frequently asked questions can be easily found avoiding duplicates (this depends on good moderation of forum hierarchy
though, probably an approval queue)
- people having questions actually have to THINK before asking, instead of just opening up IRC and start bubbling
- of course moderators have more time to THINK before actually replying, too
- rules for civil communication and about form of inquiries can more easily be enforced
(Just thinking about it, the Drupal issue system has some nice features too, f.e. attribute fields for each post like
status, version, type of request and so on)
Of course this would need active forum herdsmen.. but it is probably less dissatisfying than directly confronting the
totally clueless in realtime.. and I for one would definitly volunteer (although I have just started coding WINE) as a
moderator.. the more the better though.. Mr Wickline, what's your take on that?

> a basic bit of advice, usually the first
> advice you hear (It's even in the channel's topic)
Good point. And it seems reasonable too, as statistically more fixes than regressions get commited for each new version
(else WINE would totally be so WINE for workgroups 3.1).. I don't think you have done any wrong with that. And
interpreting vitamin's reply "that's not a problem here" correctly as "this has not been fixed yet so updating wine will
not solve the problem" is really a tall order.

> If I was going to try to feel better about myself, it wouldn't be by sitting on IRC
SCNR: although depending on many factors, that is soo true from experience; almost anything else would work better.. *g

> against Vitamin for anything, at least yet. I've got nothing against
> him-- I might have a sour taste in my mouth when I cross him, but I
> don't think he's a bad person. He knows and cares a lot about
> something, tries to improve and help people with it, and dislikes
> people who he perceives as stupid or harmful; even to the point where
> he becomes a bit too annoyed and starts mislabeling people, or
Yeah, I've had this myself. He decided to ignore my argumentation and put me on his 'troll ignore list'. It pissed me
off but well, life goes on. Whatever.

> 1. Users: Be nice to the helpers. We are volunteers, not employees, and have no obligation to help you.
Yeah, stealing is forbidden, too. People just don't stop.

> 2. Helpers and Admins: Remember Hanlon's razor.
had to look this one up, quote:
> Hanlon's razor
> From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> Hanlon's razor is an adage which reads:
> "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
>  Also worded as:
> "Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice."
Lol I like that. Vitamin give me your postal address and I'll send you a nice poster print of this ;)

anyways, back to work
regards marcel

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