Problem with client manually starting services

Roy Shea roy at
Wed Nov 7 19:47:09 CST 2007

Howdy All,

I'm developing missing services in Wine and am running into problems
with how Wine starts services.  In Windows a service can be started
using "net start <service name>", assuming that the service is
properly added to the registry.  In Wine it appears that the user must
manually start the service before calling "net start <service name>",
or the service fails to start.  

This is blocking me from developing an svchost wrapped DLL.  I guess
its not surprising that the work around of first manually starting a
service fails for a DLL with no main function :-)

Dan Kegel mentioned a recollection of a known bug in Wine along these
lines where, as a work around, clients are manually starting servers.
Anyone know more details on this problem?  Any pointers to old emails
or knowledge of this problem would be a big help I start digging
through WINEDEBUG logs.


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