#winehq admin troubles

feba thatl febaen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 06:25:15 CST 2007

Tom, you can try to guilt me, but I don't care.
There are two sides to this. Either you think that #winehq is a
support channel for end users, and should if not cater to them, at
least treat them with some respect until they've proved that they
deserve none, or you think that #winehq is a channel where people can
go for help if some one with an @ isn't in a mood to ban them.

If you can honestly say that you fully agree with the latter, and
would have no problem getting banned from a random channel when you
were seeking help, I don't know what to tell you.

If, however, you think the first thing, we're on the same side. I
don't think anyone here doesn't want to see #winehq, and the entire
project really, become a better place. There might be one or two
people exploiting this for personal reasons, but I cannot control

I posted this in the hopes that #winehq would be made a better place,
not for me, but for everyone. Including vitamin and the rest of the

I have a question for you, what offends you so much about my comments
that you are not only refusing to help me, but also trying to pin me
with the blame for your refusal to help others? Is it because you feel
that your experience with wine gives you to the right to mistreat
users, or because you are offended by what a few other people said in
a thread that I started?

Do you not want #winehq to be a better place? Or do you not realize
the actual point of what I'm saying?

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