%fs, %gs on AROS hosted

Staf Verhaegen staf.verhaegen at skynet.be
Sat Nov 10 05:52:24 CST 2007

On Thu, 08 Nov 2007 09:08:29 +0100, Marcus Meissner  
<marcus at jet.franken.de> wrote:

>> But the use of %fs by wine does not seem to conflict in any way with a
>> possible usage of that segment register by the OS where wine is running
>> on. Or is there some OS specific code that is handling it ?
> No, it does not conflict. Your syscall / scheduler entry/exit points
> however need to take care to save/restore it correctly, otherwise
> you get interesting crashes ;)

Already big thanks.

Do you know where this code for these entry/exit points handling is  
located for the different OSes in the wine source code?

Does Windows/wine also have such entry/exit points so I could freely use  
%fs,%gs in AROS hosted on Windows?


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