Bugzilla rights

Jan Zerebecki jan.wine at zerebecki.de
Sun Nov 11 03:02:14 CST 2007

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 09:09:14PM +0000, L. Rahyen wrote:
> On Tuesday November 6 2007 19:45, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> > Bugzilla admin, please disallow people to add/remove e-mail addresses
> > to/from bugs unless they've been given that right. Or at least have rights
> > to modify any aspect of the bug.
> 	I think that we should remove the right to add/remove e-mail addresses ONLY 
> from user who abuse his/her rights (like Toby Brommerich). All other users 
> should have this right - at least the right to add others to CC list.

Sorry, neither of these seem to be possible with bugzilla as it
currently is. I suppose in this case it was just an error from
which something was learned. If someone doesn't learn, we still
can disable their account.


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