Question: How to link to get loaded at a fixed

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Nov 15 09:52:19 CST 2007

Chris McKillroy asked:
> I tried to use a DLL injection ...
> (
> Under Solaris10 (wine version 0.9.49) the child process regularly
> crashed... [because]
> always gets loaded to a varying address by the runtime linker

Yep.  Known problem with Wine.

> After a posting to the Solaris Linker mailing list we got an answer
> (
> ...
> My question now is:
> How would I have to change things (makefile or whatsever)  to get
> linked in a way to achive that it will be loaded to
> address 0x7bf0000 each time under Solaris.

Good question.   It's probably pretty involved; you may have to wait
for an expert to try it and see what it breaks.  Alexandre suggested
it might not work recently (see ), but
perhaps he's being overly pessimistic.

BTW if that idea works for Solaris, it might work for Linux, too.
- Dan

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