winetest_interactive : how does it work?

Paul Vriens at
Fri Nov 16 06:09:19 CST 2007


I just ran winetest (by double clicking on the executable) on my WinXP box. I 
was missing some advpack popups that were there before. Francois sent in a patch 
to only do some particular tests when winetest_interactive is true. I would 
assume that clicking on a executable is interactive, not?

AFAIK winetest_interactive is set to true|1 if the WINETEST_INTERACTIVE variable 
is set to 1 (include/wine/test.h).

In programs/winetest/main.c we however only set WINETEST_INTERACTIVE to 0:

692                     interactive_no[]    = "WINETEST_INTERACTIVE=0",

shouldn't WINETEST_INTERACTIVE be set according to the interactive variable in 
that same file?



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