Removing Windows and Solaris from the Downloads page

Maarten Lankhorst maarten at
Sat Nov 17 05:04:36 CST 2007


Roderick Colenbrander schreef:
> They should get updated. In case of Solaris there are some bugs which prevent it from running I think. In case of Windows someone needs to update the package. It is very useful to use some of the wine dlls (wined3d for instance) or tests on Windows.
The question is what dlls should we include? Something like the d3d
dll's would be useful, and a lot of other dll's (mshtml, shdocvw, etc)
probably too. Unfortunately wine won't build on mingw properly,if you
try a 'make' in mingw, it will bomb out on building in dll's. If someone
wants to maintain windows dll's, the makefiles should be adjusted so
that it will build properly, and skip the dll's wine can't emulate in
windows. Such as ntdll, kernel32, advapi, to name a few, probably all
dll's with wineserver calls and perhaps a few more.


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