msi: Install Entire Feature

James Hawkins truiken at
Sun Nov 18 19:57:52 CST 2007

On 11/18/07, Daniel Sim <daniel.ssq89 at> wrote:
> "Install entire feature" enabled and implemented.

What is this patch for?  Is this to fix a bug?

+    /* FIXME: Why 0x1000? */

Don't add random comments about things you don't understand in the code.

+msi_seltree_install_entire_feature(HWND hwnd, HTREEITEM hItem,
MSIPACKAGE *package, UINT r) {

Please use the style of the rest of the file (bracket below function).

+    for (
+    child = TreeView_GetChild (hwnd, hItem);
+    child;
+    child = TreeView_GetNextSibling (hwnd, child) )

Style changed again...and that's just ugly.

+        msi_seltree_install_entire_feature (hwnd, child, package, r);

Why are you doing this recursively?

James Hawkins

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