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Gavriel State gav at
Mon Nov 19 14:55:35 CST 2007

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> "TransGaming's developers have been contributing some changes back to Wine
>> as well, including in several networking and debugging libraries. "
>> Just out of curiousity, which patches are these?
> A wine-patches archive search finds these:

Hi All,

There are some additional patches coming down the pipe shortly for 
dbghelp, which we've done extensive work with in the past few months.  
There was a communications mixup in that those changes have been merged 
into our external public CVS under the LGPL 
(, but 
haven't yet made it to wine-patches.

The main thing holding up the patch submission there is the trace system 
changes that went into WineHQ to resolve some of the warning differences 
for printfs on different platforms.  We are still using platform printf 
on our side, and our dbghelp changes include a bunch of changes to the 
traces that need to be backed out before a patch gets submitted to 

We certainly plan to continue contributing more code beyond this, which 
was why we made an explicit mention of it in the newsletter.

Take care,

Gavriel State 
Founder & CTO
TransGaming Inc.
gav at

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