bits: Description of patch set (resend 2) (0/26)

Roy Shea roy at
Mon Nov 19 22:53:49 CST 2007

On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 08:31:31PM -0600, James Hawkins wrote:
> On Nov 19, 2007 6:19 PM, Roy Shea <roy at> wrote:
> > Howdy,
> >
> > This is another resend of the BITS patch set.  This resend changes
> > svnhost to be ANSI based, merges patches 25 and 26 (old numbering),
> > and removes extra headers and linked libraries.
> >
> Any particular reason for using ansi?  Generally we're moving
> everything towards unicode and away from ansi.  Also, the entire patch
> set is relatively large, and you might want to consider breaking the
> set up into chunks (svnhost, bits cleanup etc, bits interface impl)
> and waiting till the first chunk is committed before moving on to the
> next.  That'll make it easier to get the patches committed (assuming
> they don't get accepted this time) and it'll keep the mail count down
> for list members.

I looked into switching svchost to ansi since there is no unicode
version of GetProcAddress (used within svchost).  I ended up asking on
winehackers if there is a preference between unicode and ansi, but
guessed that it didn't much matter since there was no strong response
either way.  Rather than juggle ansi and unicode strings, I bumped
svchost over to ansi.

Good to know that unicode is the way to go.  I'll send a unicode
version of the patch out in a few minutes.  I'll also see what I can
do about breaking up the patch set for future resubmissions.


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