d3dx8 [patch 1/10] Implement D3DXPlaneFromPointNormal

David.Adam at math.cnrs.fr David.Adam at math.cnrs.fr
Tue Nov 20 03:13:56 CST 2007


In the beginning, I thought to share the code between d3drm and d3dx8,  
but unfortunelaty, it was not a good idea, since the structure  
quaternion is not the same in the both dll (definitively 4 floats, but  
4 floats in d3dx8, 1 float and a d3drmvector in d3drm). So, it was not  

Moreover, Once I asked to Alexandre what was the best method to  
implement d3dx9__.dll. He answered to implement the maximum of  
functions in d3dx8 and to call these functions from d3dx9__.dll. I  
proposed the idea of wined3dx.dll and he found that it was not a good  

So, the basis dll is d3dx8 and we consider d3dx9__.dll as a wrapper  
(at least, for the math functions)

Thunderbird was interested in implementing the other functions.  
Anyway, I am interested in it too. And also, I am interesting in  
completing d3drm since there still are a few bugs related to this dll.

To finish my post: today (or tommorrow) I shall send the last patch  
for math-functions in d3dx8.

The real job will begin then :D :D


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