[0/3] RSA AES provider to rsaenh

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 16:36:28 CST 2007

> Damn, I have to reset the git tree.
> Then apply patches manually and resend them :(

This isn't hard.  Assuming you have these as the last three patches in
your tree:
git reset HEAD~2
git commit -a
This will rewind your tree two steps without changing your local
files, then commit them again.

The more manual method, assuming you have the last patches named 2 and 3:
git reset --hard HEAD~2
patch -p1 < 2
patch -p1 < 3
git commit -a

This latter method isn't necessary in this case, but it sometimes
comes in handy when you have some patches intermingled, and you want
to commit several of them in a bunch without committing some in
between.  E.g. if you wanted to merge patches 1 and 3 into a single
patch, you could do it this way instead.


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