WineD3D: Implement detection of ATI cards with Mesa DRI drivers

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Wed Nov 21 17:45:09 CST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 22. November 2007 00:15:30 schrieb Roman Mamedov:
> Hello.
> Presently, if an ATI card uses open-source DRI drivers from the Mesa
> project ( ), Wine will report it to
> Windows applications as being some generic nVIDIA model, based on D3D
> capabilities of the card.
The patch looks good to me content wise, but please attach it as an attachment 
to the mail instead of copypasting it into the mail. Also I am not sure if we 
should report R200 cards. They have pixel shader 1.x support on Windows, but 
Wine cannot implement this because the cards are too limited to support 
GL_ARB_fragment_program(~ ps 2.0), but there is no common extension that maps 
1.x pixel shaders, only an ATI specific one. Any volunteers for a 
GL_ATI_fragment_shader shader backend :-) ? On the other hand, those cards 
support a few features that older cards did not have, like vertex shaders or 
volume textures.

Also note that Alexandre is on holiday this week, so the patch won't be 
committed before next week.
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