Some thoughts about next GSoC

Maarten Lankhorst maarten at
Thu Nov 22 04:48:10 CST 2007

Hi Kai,

Kai Blin schreef:
> I was thinking about strongly encouraging people to post their project 
> proposal to wine-devel prior to applying, so more developers can have a look 
> at it and see if it's doable or not and offer suggestions.
Sounds like a good idea, the work you have to do in a SoC is usually
underestimated by a factor of 2. :-)
> I know some projects did an introductory quiz to figure out the student's 
> coding skills, I'm not convinced the knowledge needed for Wine can be tested 
> in a quiz. What do you think?
I don't like the idea of a quiz as well, what would be a better test is
to get a small patch into wine, perhaps adding a testcase to the
component they want to work on. It shouldn't be big, but it proves they
can get code into wine.
> Another thing that didn't turn out too well last time is that it was really 
> hard to figure out what was going on during the summer. I have a few ideas on 
> how we could address this.
> Lots of other projects had their student write a weekly public progress 
> report. I think we should require the same. This will probably help keeping 
> people updated, and might help spotting problems early.
Personal experience here, it might be good for some people, but for me I
just told when I made some progress. Perhaps setting up a wine SoC blog
where you post every week what you're doing?
> According to the wiki page, we already require a post-mortem report on the 
> project, however I can't remember seeing much of those this year. We should 
> make sure those are written next time. We might think of a better name for 
> the report, post-mortem sounds like the project is dead after the summer, we 
> want people to keep working.
I'm all for it. Perhaps call it reflection report?
> Last year, some of the students set up a public git repo on I was 
> thinking about making that a requirement for next year. This would allow 
> people to review work in progress.
Agreed, I'm for a public git repo. If it's needed I can write some
instructions on how to set a repo up in the wine wiki.


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