Some thoughts about next GSoC

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Thu Nov 22 05:07:40 CST 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007 11:48:10 Maarten Lankhorst wrote:

> Sounds like a good idea, the work you have to do in a SoC is usually
> underestimated by a factor of 2. :-)

That is common industry practice. I want to prevent factor 10 or worse.. ;)

> I don't like the idea of a quiz as well, what would be a better test is
> to get a small patch into wine, perhaps adding a testcase to the
> component they want to work on. It shouldn't be big, but it proves they
> can get code into wine.

This probably could work, provided we have enough people to give feedback we 
tend to have to give all new comitters. Might really be worth the effort, 

> > Lots of other projects had their student write a weekly public progress
> > report. I think we should require the same. This will probably help
> > keeping people updated, and might help spotting problems early.
> Personal experience here, it might be good for some people, but for me I
> just told when I made some progress. Perhaps setting up a wine SoC blog
> where you post every week what you're doing?

There's multiple options for that. There's, student's 
could use their own blogs, or send a weekly email to wine-devel. Personally 
I'd like to collect that stuff and give a short weekly digest of those posts 
to give the students some more exposure. WWN GSoC edition or the like. Unless 
someone reanimates WWN anyway, that we could just piggyback there.

> > Last year, some of the students set up a public git repo on I
> > was thinking about making that a requirement for next year. This would
> > allow people to review work in progress.
> Agreed, I'm for a public git repo. If it's needed I can write some
> instructions on how to set a repo up in the wine wiki.

I think a tutorial for setting that up would be a good thing. We just need to 
make sure they still submit their stuff to wine-patches early and often.


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