Driver-supported DirectX

H. Verbeet hverbeet at
Fri Nov 23 05:25:34 CST 2007

On 23/11/2007, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Implementing Direct3D at driver level won't magically fix things. The issues
> will be still the same: Undocumented or incorrectly documented behavior of
> Direct3D and broken apps which rely on defined results in per se undefined
> situations. There are only a handful of cases where OpenGL<->Direct3D
> differences make problems, like non power of two textures or flat shading.
> Those could as well be fixed with proposing an additional extension, instead
> of turning everything upside down in Linux(and at the same time MacOS,
> Solaris, *BSD).
> Hardware doesn't magically execute Direct3D 1:1. In fact, Windows drivers
> essentially do the same: Map D3D to a hardware interface which is a hybrid of
> OpenGL and D3D. You can see this by looking at nvidia extensions: They have a
> GL extension for almost every single bit of d3d functionality that does not
> map 1:1 to gl.
What Stefan said :-)

Just to add something to that, most of the issues that are there are
with older versions of Direct3D and fixed function. The more modern
functionality is relatively easier to translate  because D3D and GL
simply expose the programmability of the hardware.

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