WineD3D: Implement detection of ATI cards with Mesa DRI drivers [try 4]

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Fri Nov 23 15:06:30 CST 2007

> This is an updated version of my previous patch for the same purpose.
> The proposed code now uses the WINE_D3DX_CAPABLE macros instead of DRI 
> module names for guessing the exact card model which is to be returned. 
> The patch also no longer includes manual addition of an entry to the 
> ChangeLog. Thanks to Roderick Colenbrander and Stefan Dösinger for the 
> suggestions. I have tested and confirmed that this patch fixes the bug 
> #7267 ( ) to the same extent 
> as the previous version of the patch did.

I think the code should be like this (in pseudo code) this way also other cards will at least be classified:

       if(strstr(gl_info->gl_renderer, "R300"))
           card = radeon_9500;
           card = generic_nv_card;
       if(strstr(gl_info->gl_renderer, "R200"))
           card = ...


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