wined3d: Bind device framebuffer in ActivateContext

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Nov 25 12:30:20 CST 2007

Am Sonntag, 25. November 2007 18:13:43 schrieb Allan Tong:
> On Nov 25, 2007 7:15 AM, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at> wrote:
> > Am Sonntag, 25. November 2007 00:07:15 schrieb Allan Tong:
> > > Fixes failures in visual tests for ddraw and d3d8 when using FBO
> > > offscreen rendering mode.
> > >
> > >  - Allan
> >
> > This doesn't look right to me. It will most likely break overall FBO
> > support.
> >
> > There is indeed a problem with the fbo and ActivateContext integration,
> > but fixing this is more involved than just setting the framebuffer to 0.
> Any hints where to start looking?  The way I understand it,
> ActivateContext will only try to set the draw buffer to GL_FRONT,
> GL_BACK, or GL_AUX0, which should mean that at some point before that,
> the framebuffer would need to be set to 0, or do I have that wrong?
> Or is it that I didn't reset the framebuffer back to its previous
> value?
The framebuffer setup should be merged with ActivateContext, but not by simply 
setting the framebuffer to 0. Currently there are two issues: the one you are 
seeing(the complaints from opengl), and multithreading issues.

Parts of the code call ActivateContext before setting the fbo: In this case 
you can get errors in glDrawBuffers. Other parts call the fbo setup before 
calling ActivateContext. In this case the app can crash after a rendering 
thread switch because no GL context is active.

The whole issue is pretty complex unfortunately. One issue is that we cannot 
select context and drawable separately for onscreen rendering, and pbuffer 
offscreen rendering. In the case of fbos, the drawable can be set without 
changing the context.

Another issue is that ActivateContext deals with one buffer only, but with fbo 
we can have multiple simultaneous ones(GL_ARB_draw_buffers, or multiple 
render targets in d3d speak). In case of onscreen rendering only one render 
target may be active from the d3d side, and in case of back/aux and pbuffer 
offscreen rendering we're limited to one target from the opengl side.

What has to be done in some way is to merge apply_fbo_state() with 
ActivateContext. My original idea was to select the primary target and the 
depthstencil buffer in ActivateContext similarly to the existing code, and 
have higher render targets set in the state manager. Unfortunately drivers do 
not like that, and we have to set all color and depth attachments of the fbo 
at once.

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