Fontforge and building wine

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Nov 26 00:21:59 CST 2007

It's been mentioned many times, but building Wine
without a recent fontforge yields a wine that doesn't
work too well.  Tonight, for instance, I built wine
on an updated dapper system, and forgot; here
are the commands I had to use to recover
(just in case somebody needs to do this again).
The fontforge I chose just happens to be the latest;
the --without-freetype-bytecode option is there
to keep configure from searching the whole freaking
hard drive for the nonexistent freetype source tree.

 tar -xjvf fontforge_full-20071110.tar.bz2
 cd fontforge-20071110/
 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/fontforge --without-freetype-bytecode
 sudo make install
 cd ~/wine-git
 cd fonts
 make clean
 PATH=/usr/local/fontforge/bin:$PATH make

- Dan

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