wine for two, please.

Athel atheleyen at
Thu Nov 29 18:38:32 CST 2007

Hi Rob, i was looking a long time the way to do this.
Can you help me to done this?, plis I really need it.
If I could understand better the functionality I'll do it for myself.
Sorry for my english.


> I was going to wait til tomorrow to test this, but couldnt wait.
> This works perfectly for my app and couldnt have came at a better time.
> I just created a simple Win32 dispatcher program for each screen and sent
> the window creation messages to the HWNDs from FindWindow instead of the
> local app and it creates the dialogs on any screen I want. Joy Joy!!!!!
> It worked out perfectly since the threads that create windows have to send
> messages to the main loop for it to create them so that the dialogs dont
> from close when the thread exits anyway.
> It is refreshing that after I went through all the battles of getting
> multihead display, gcc, and wine running on Solaris that FINALLY something
> would work so simply.
> Thanks again to the whole Wine crew that made this possible!!!

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