xdg_user_dirs patches

Juan Lang juan.lang at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 09:27:28 CST 2007

> I'm not sure we want to handle the desktop directory the same way. It's
> really a special case because applications often put their 'icons' on
> the desktop. So if the Windows desktop is just a symbolic link to the
> Unix one, the user will end up with a lot of 'xxx.lnk' files on his
> desktop. In particular these files will show the wrong icon: they will
> have the icon associated with 'lnk' files, instead of the one of the
> application they are supposed to start.

While this is annoying, I find it confusing to go to the "Desktop"
directory and not find the files on my desktop there.  I prefer having
the two desktops the same, and just delete the .lnk files myself.


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