OpenGL child windows (bug 2398, fixed!)

L. Rahyen research at
Wed Oct 3 09:28:30 CDT 2007

On Wednesday October 3 2007 11:44, Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to Chris his recent child window work, there is now support for
> OpenGL child windows in Wine. For the exact details read bug 2398 or Chris
> his patches. In short the patches use XComposite were possible and else X
> pixmaps. Not all drivers support both properly yet but for compiz/aiglx
> purposes most drivers are adding the needed support.
> I would say test the stuff and report problems.
> Roderick

	I have tested Lightwave 6 (didn't yet tested new version but I guess it will 
work too), GoogleEarth (for Windows) and Maxwell Studio 1.5.1 (for Windows) 
and everything works fine! I'm using Debian Etch and KDE 3.5.5 and my X 
server has XComposite extension enabled but I don't actually use it in KDE so 
I'm not sure does this have any useful effect or not.
	It's so great that this bug is finally fixed! I really tired to port big 
hacky patches to new versions of WINE... Now everything works out-of-the box!
	Great work!

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