Bits: DLL name and svchost questions

Roy Shea roy at
Wed Oct 3 14:09:36 CDT 2007

Howdy All,

Thanks for helping me these past weeks as I get started with Wine
development!  I'm gaining a better understanding of the bits
(Background Intelligent Transfer Service) COM service.  Bits is run as
a service via the svchost group netsvcs.  Within netsvcs is the BITS
service that is tied to qmgr.dll.  The qmgr name is used for backwards
compatibility and is where the bits implementation lives.

Two questions for the wine gods:

(1) Shall I add bits to wine in dlls/bits or dlls/qmgr?  I recommend
the former, since current Windows documentation refers to "bits".  But
this may confuse folks who don't understand the tie between qmgr and
bits, as demonstrated by my patch attempt last week :-\

(2) Need I treat svchost as a prerequisite to my bits work?  I
recommend developing bits first (starting bits as a service on demand)
and then worrying about svchost.  Off the top of my head I think this
will look the same to applications wanting to use bits.  However, I'm
new to the COM world and may be overlooking something...

Thanks for the advice,

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