Font issues when building Wine from sources

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Tue Oct 2 15:13:21 CDT 2007


When I run an application using Wine from an X terminal, e.g.
    $ /opt/wine-0.9.43/bin/wine winecfg
I get all the text (with the exception of the window title) displayed
in the characters from the Marlett font.

I have a Linux From Scratch 6.2 box with the following additional packages:
  *  libpng 1.2.12 (needed by Xorg)
  *  freetype 2.1.10 (needed by fontconfig)
  *  expat 2.0.0 (needed by fontconfig)
  *  fontconfig 2.3.2 (needed by Xorg)
  *  Xorg 6.9.0
  *  fontforge 20070917 (Wine's ./configure says it needs this to
build the fonts)
  *  wine 0.9.42 (taken from git using the wine-0.9.43 tag)

I am building wine as follows:
    ./configure --prefix=/opt/wine-0.9.43
    make depend
    make install
all from a bash terminal (i.e. not X).

Is there anything that I am missing, or am doing wrong?

- Reece

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