practical book on Wine/crossover

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Thu Oct 4 13:13:44 CDT 2007

On 10/4/07, Moncorge, Patricia <Patricia.Moncorge at> wrote:
> We (CampusPress, Pearson education france) would like to publish a
> practical book in French about Wine/Codeweaver.
> Do you know somebody, who would be interested in writing it?
> To whom should I turn here to find the french Wine/codeweaver community?

Patricia -

Feel free to contact me off-list about this.

I have about 70% of a book complete with a contract for Pearson Education.
However, there's an issue with finding a co-author to complete a few small
sections.  Or, we need to revisit the original outline to change the scope
of the book.

-Brian Vincent.
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