make test drill

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Oct 6 11:12:43 CDT 2007

So, in a radical break from tradition, we're trying to
accomplish something useful at Wineconf.

Specifically, we're making 'make test' work for everyone,
not just Alexandre.

Maarten Lankhorst is maintaining a tree of all of our
test related patches.

So, for those that want to play, the thing to do is to
 git fetch git:// master:testsucceed
 git rebase testsucceed

Then you can do a make test (with a clean .wine directory)
and share your results.  It's useful to use Dan's filter:
   egrep '__test|make.*ok|Backtrace' <your-log-file-here>

Up through the end of day tomorrow, you can send me the results
of that egrep and I'll tally and triage.

If you have a patch, send it in, and CC Maarten so he can
update it.

The goal is to have the number of failures as close to 0
as possible, and for the non 0 cases, to at least understand
each failure.



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