make test drill

Paul Vriens at
Sat Oct 6 13:28:36 CDT 2007

Jeremy White wrote:
> So, in a radical break from tradition, we're trying to
> accomplish something useful at Wineconf.
> Specifically, we're making 'make test' work for everyone,
> not just Alexandre.
> Maarten Lankhorst is maintaining a tree of all of our
> test related patches.
> So, for those that want to play, the thing to do is to
>  git fetch git:// master:testsucceed
>  git rebase testsucceed
> Then you can do a make test (with a clean .wine directory)
> and share your results.  It's useful to use Dan's filter:
>    egrep '__test|make.*ok|Backtrace' <your-log-file-here>
> Up through the end of day tomorrow, you can send me the results
> of that egrep and I'll tally and triage.
> If you have a patch, send it in, and CC Maarten so he can
> update it.
> The goal is to have the number of failures as close to 0
> as possible, and for the non 0 cases, to at least understand
> each failure.
> Cheers,
> Jeremy

It's nice to fix all the test failures when running them in Wine. We however 
have several tests that still fail on Windows so how can we be sure the test 
results in Wine are correct? Some that are failing on a lot of Windows boxes:


I've just picked some that fail on different versions of Windows. There are also 
several tests that consistently fail on a particular version of Windows.



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