WineHQ for Wine 1.0

Alex Waite awaite2 at
Sat Oct 6 13:32:32 CDT 2007

  Awhile ago I sent a few patches in to cleanup some HTML and CSS on
WineHQ.  I didn't continue with writing more patches since it seemed
like we didn't have a clear idea of what direction we wanted to pursue.
 I am more than happy to help with a rewrite or update of the site, but
as long as we have an plan of what we want to accomplish and how to go
about it.
  With the release of Wine 1.0 coming... sometime... in the future, it
would make sense if we had an updated website to accompany that release.
 From my point of view, the following are some big problems with the
current site:
* Not pretty: while not awful, there are better color schemes and
layouts in the world.  We can also look at some usability improvements.
 If people are partial to it, we can still use the winish-red color, but
I think we can use it in a more attractive way than we do now.
* Table-hell: This is where I tout the joys of <div>'s and CSS.  Tables
are a pain to deal with and bloat the code quite a bit.  Not to mention
that they make pages pretty inaccessible.
* Accessibility: Tables are the big culprit here, but there's also
simple things like making the code valid.  There's also some fairly
straightforward ways of writing code which help a lot (precede lists
with headers, nest headers correctly, etc).  While accessibility doesn't
have to be perfect, I think it promotes well written code and makes
pages more accessible to more people.
* Valid code: This is a principal to me.  I think if code is to be
written, it should be written correctly.  Wine is known for not
accepting hacks or improper fixes; I think our website should reflect
that, especially since the spec is not hard to conform to.

Let me know if you are interested in help.  I hope everyone is having
fun at WineConf.


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