Request to be unbanned from #winehq

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sat Oct 6 21:20:39 CDT 2007

Tsukasa wrote:
> Vitamin banned me today - you can see the full log here. Also I was 
> about to say at the end there, if redhat automounts usb sticks. 
> I think what really pissed him off was that I asked for help identifying 
> a bug in Loki in #winehackers originally. I asked in the user channel 
> after i was informed it was the wrong channel.
> Anyways, can I get unbanned from #winehq? You can do a whois on tsukasa 
> to find my info.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
No, what prompted me to keep you away from #winehq is a suggestions like:

<dipdude> find the file of my flash drive and take out the file for wine
<tsukasa> dipdude, just do a sudo find / -name *wine*

How does that related to the question asked? And this is not the first time 
you recommended something like that to people which is completely unacceptable!

And I would ask all other ops in the channel think twice before allowing 
people like that on the channel...

Also, please consider reading the FreeNode rules. I do not beleave you have 
requested permission from each person before publishing this log. Please 
make sure that you do that now, or I will have to request FreeNode stuff to 
k-line you.

And to add to that, yes you are present in the #winehackers channel and you 
constantly interrupting other developers with your user questions. Yet I 
have not seen yet a desire from your side to either help development or 
because a developer yourself. Instead all your requests are real user 
related requests.


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