Request to be unbanned from #winehq

L. Rahyen research at
Sun Oct 7 02:34:50 CDT 2007

On Sunday October 7 2007 01:10, Tsukasa wrote:
> Vitamin banned me today - you can see the full log here. Also I was about
> to say at the end there, if redhat automounts usb sticks.

	I'm sorry but I agree with Vitaliy decision. I don't know you so I'm judging 
just by log you have posted and few sentences on the list.
	I will not repeat what Vitaliy already have said on the list but just want to 
add that such phrases like:

* tsukasa thinks dipdude shouldve gone ubuntu
<dipdude> i dont get it tsukasa
* vitamin warns tsukasa to NOT do such remarks
<tsukasa> im just saying redhat is more advanced of a distribution then ubuntu 
<dipdude> find the file of my flash drive and take out the file for wine
<vitamin> dipdude, You have to:
<tsukasa> dipdude, just do a sudo find / -name *wine*

	...very unhelpful for everyone who are using Ubuntu. You may say that you 
recommend or suggest other distribution because you like it but you never can 
tell that it is better than others because it isn't by definition: *each* 
distribution in the world have something in it why someone uses it and not 
	Besides, to me it seems like you "inserting" in the dialog between vitamin 
and dipdude unhelpful comments (at the end of the log I have posted above) 
instead of helpful advises or recommendations. Please note also that you has 
been warned in the log before you has been banned. If you get the warning you 
should think why before blindly ignoring it as you did (if you unsure why you 
get it you may ask privately the admin or moderator).
	In case if you will be unbanned you should try to be more helpful when you 
are trying to help someone otherwise don't even try - this is good rule of 
thumb for everyone.
	Of course everything above is just my opinion.

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