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Sorry for my cheek, but don't a 1.0-Version mean that every Windows app works on Wine?



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On 10/7/07, EA Durbin <ead1234 at> wrote:
>  I was able to get around bug 9023 with a patch applied to the appdb

I see you attached the patch to bug 9023, thanks.

> and I
> did some further testing in Office 2003 today. Initially I'm prompted to
> activate my copy of microsoft office 2003, and both means of activating the
> application are broken in wine due to bugs 9943 and 9944. Then I tried to
> open VBA inside of Office and was prompted with a dialog stating unable to
> open macro storage(bug 8795). The only real reason I use Microsoft Office
> over Open Office is the need for VBA integration.
> I think we should add these bugs to the 1.0 target

I'm not opposed, but perhaps we should be clear.
Do we want to add Microsoft Word 2003 to the "must have" apps list for 1.0?
It might delay the release.
- Dan

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