PulseAudio as a sound output?

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 05:48:38 CDT 2007

Damjan Jovanovic schreef:
> Pulseaudio isn't "yet another sound server", it's a full-blown
> replacement for all other sound servers. It mixes sound better than
> alsa's dmix, it's a drop-in replacement for ESD, and it works even for
> OSS applications using oss2pulse. Some of its interesting features
> include per-application volume levels, RTP multicasts, the ability to
> embed it within an application instead of running a separate server,
> and a Windows port.
> The reason it would be good for wine is because it (optionally) runs
> in realtime (SCHED_RR) priority, and is designed for low-latency
> playback. Even wine's latest alsa driver continuously stutters under
> high CPU load (play back some music with foobar2000, while searching a
> large PDF).
That's not the fault of our audio driver, it is because of linux doing
bad things with i/o scheduling. For whatever reason as soon as a wine
blocks on i/o all other threads get cpu starved. This is not a wine bug,
but a linux bug.

I'm not in favor for yet another half supported sound system, I would
rather have our own sound systems working better. Can't you just use
forwarding from JACK or something?


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