Wine 1.0 bugs, release criteria

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Tue Oct 9 09:45:09 CDT 2007

Am Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007 13:41:43 schrieb Dan Kegel:
> Over the next month or so, I'd like Wine developers to nominate important
> bugs for 1.0 by setting their "target release" field to 1.0.  Later on
> we'll clean up and freeze the list somehow.
I think all the remaining DirectDraw rewrite regressions, as well as most 
other regressions in the d3d area. I do not have a complete list of them. 
I'll make one when I'm done with my exam, but if people could point out their 
unfixed d3d regression bugs it would make my life easier and make sure the 
bugs do not stay behind.(My bug assignment / CC list should find all of them 
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