make test drill

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Oct 9 19:20:22 CDT 2007

> So a failure on Windows doesn't necessarily mean that the test is wrong.

Stefan, I know this has been hard for you, and I think video tests are a worst
case, but I think we have to push you on these tests.

I think a test that fails, or crashes a system because of a driver bug is a broken test.
It's admittedly hard to write a test that will detect a vmware situation or driver
bug and work around it, but I think that is what we should do.

It's just like compiling without warnings.  Once there are no warnings, it's
easy to make sure none creep in.  But once just a few are excused as being
'understandable', then a lot more quickly creep in, and no one pays attention
to warnings.

Just my Swiss Francs .02



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