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Steven Edwards winehacker at
Wed Oct 10 03:07:58 CDT 2007

On 10/10/07, Paul Vriens < at> wrote:
> But isn't introducing bad or good lists the same as using the the Windows
> version? I though the general idea is to have tests that act on behavior?

I don't think so, a buggy driver is outside of the scope of something we can
fix or care to workaround in Wine. We already do some detection of certain
devices via PCI id's somewhere in the Wine DirectX code for certain features
and I think this should be extended somehow to the drivers and present a warning
to the user or some such. The more I think about it, blacklisting
really seems to
be the only way given the timing of the driver releases.

This issue goes beyond just the testing framework. Let say user has a buggy ATI
or Nvidia driver installed and it works for OpenGL demos and the like
under Linux
but when the user runs Wine it hangs the system because we are stressing the
driver in ways beyond the normal eye-candy the WM pushes. The user is going
to think its a problem in Wine and not in the driver. I see this day
in and day out
at CodeWeavers and every single time the users blame us even when its fairly
obvious that the hang or crash only affects 3D applications.

Steven Edwards

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