defining and revamping our bugzilla categories

Jan Zerebecki at
Wed Oct 10 12:22:36 CDT 2007

I agree the wine- prefix should be removed.

Currently we have quite some categories where I don't really know
how they are defined, so the description should be enhanced so
there is no confusion over what goes in them.

Currently we have some categories that exactly fit to one dll and
some categories that include multiple dlls that are related. Also
there is overlap between those two. (And perhaps some that fit in

E.g. there is wine-quartz (one dll dlls/quartz/ ) and
wine-directx-dshow (includes dlls/{quartz,msdmo,qcap}/ ).

The best is probably to have no overlap and have multi-dll/path
categories contain the shell-glob of path/files that it contains.

I think in some cases multi-dll categories are preferable to
single-dlls ones. A even better example for this than dshow is
wine-directx-d3d, where before the bug is fixed it might not be
easily known if it is in d3d9 or wined3d and a bug might exist in
the same way in more than one d3d version.

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