oleaut32: function kind for dispatch interfaces should be FUNC_DISPATCH (with test, fixes bug #9057)

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Wed Oct 10 12:56:41 CDT 2007

"Mikolaj Zalewski" <mikolajz at google.com> writes:

> +[uuid(8b05fe77-4a6c-4133-b9cd-8f81747af784)]
> +library Test
> +{
> +	importlib("../../stdole2.tlb/std_ole_v2.tlb");

You shouldn't use an explicit path here.

> +#define expect_eq(expr, value, type, format) { type _ret = (expr); ok((value) == _ret, #expr " expected " format " got " format "\n", value, _ret); }
> +#define expect_int(expr, value) expect_eq(expr, (LONGLONG)value, LONGLONG, "%lld")
> +#define expect_hex(expr, value) expect_eq(expr, (LONGLONG)value, LONGLONG, "0x%llx")

Please don't use %ll formats, they aren't portable.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.org

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