defining and revamping our bugzilla categories

James Hawkins truiken at
Wed Oct 10 15:20:54 CDT 2007

On 10/10/07, Jan Zerebecki < at> wrote:
> I agree the wine- prefix should be removed.
> Currently we have quite some categories where I don't really know
> how they are defined, so the description should be enhanced so
> there is no confusion over what goes in them.
> Currently we have some categories that exactly fit to one dll and
> some categories that include multiple dlls that are related. Also
> there is overlap between those two. (And perhaps some that fit in
> neither.)
> E.g. there is wine-quartz (one dll dlls/quartz/ ) and
> wine-directx-dshow (includes dlls/{quartz,msdmo,qcap}/ ).
> The best is probably to have no overlap and have multi-dll/path
> categories contain the shell-glob of path/files that it contains.
> I think in some cases multi-dll categories are preferable to
> single-dlls ones. A even better example for this than dshow is
> wine-directx-d3d, where before the bug is fixed it might not be
> easily known if it is in d3d9 or wined3d and a bug might exist in
> the same way in more than one d3d version.
> From previous discussions on irc I know some people want to have
> a radical one category per dll approach, please speak up now.
> What do you guys think?

One component per dll is ideal for development.  When we identify what
dll a particular bug is in through triage, it helps any other
developer that decides to pick up the bug and fix it.  wine-gui is a
terrible component.  gui can mean any number of places to hunt down a
bug.  It would be great if people could help triage wine-gui bugs and
fix the components.  Eventually we should be at a point where we can
get rid of the wine-gui component.  wine-misc is the general
place-holder component, and really should be selected as default in
bugzilla for new reports.  Concerning using one component per dll
versus broad/group components, the way we have it now works fine.
There are some situations where a group component works best, e.g.
directX.  In most cases though, per dll is best.  We can have both
types of components.  The following is a list of components that need
to get the boot or be renamed:

wine-rebar (this is comctl32, no need for this component)
wine-binary (what does that even mean?)
wine-gdi-(printing) -> gdi
wine-gui (per dll)
wine-multimedia (per dll)
wine-net (needs to be per dll)
wine-patches (what was this for?)
wine-user -> user32
wine-usp10.dll -> usp10
bug list, comments, login (what are these for?)

James Hawkins

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