defining and revamping our bugzilla categories

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Oct 12 03:36:01 CDT 2007

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Steven Edwards wrote:
> > gdi
> > printing
> Yes I second this motion. The components should be named as simply as
> possible. Users are going to be the ones filing the reports and
> whoever is doing triage is going to have to move it around if its in
> the wrong area. Abstract names like DirectX, Sound, Graphics,
> Installers and Printing are a much better idea than dllnames.

Sounds good to me too.
But just for the sake of it, I will mention that we have keywords too.

So we can have broad categories like 'printing' and 'display', and 
dll-specific keywords like 'gdi32' and 'comctl32'.

Or we can do the opposite and have broad keywords for 'printing' and 
'display', and then dll-specific categories.

Or we could stay with the current scheme because both of the above may 
be abuses of the keyword system.

Up to you.

One more issue to raise: is the reason why we have 'wine-' as the prefix 
to avoid conflicts between different products? That is, if we have a 
'printing' category in the 'Wine' product, is it going to interfer with 
the 'printing' category of a 'Wine-doc' product?

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