What happened to the Wine Newsletters?

Alex Waite awaite2 at uiuc.edu
Thu Oct 11 21:15:22 CDT 2007

Juan Lang wrote:
>>   Ok, I'll get working on this soon.  I have midterms this week, and
>> then I'll start looking at it.  Would you guys prefer if I tried to
>> cover all the major news since the last WWN (thus less specific detail
>> on each) or just the recent stuff in more detail?
> Personally, I think a writeup of wineconf (if you can, I know you
> weren't there) would be a great place to start it back up again.  The
> biggest news there, I think, is that we're finally trying to go for a
> 1.0 release.
> --Juan
  I'll sure to cover Wineconf as best I can as well as the 1.0 release.
 Should I mention a release time at  all for 1.0 or should I avoid that
until we have a better idea of which bugs remain on the 1.0 milestone?
  I hope to start writing this weekend, so if there is something you
would specifically like covered (iTunes 7, OpenGL Child windows, etc),
please let me know either by e-mail or on this list and I'll do my best
to incorporate it.


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