stdout for win16 tests

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Oct 12 17:40:44 CDT 2007

win16 doesn't have the notion of stdout/stderr,
so 16 bit C compilers like watcom tend to simulate
stdout by putting up a window.
(a port of the 32 bit test.h) uses freopen to open
a log file to receive all the ok() and trace() output from
the tests instead of letting it go to the fake stdout window.

That's fine, but it means that crashes and wine output
from wine itself don't get mixed in properly (since they go
to linux stderr, not to win16 "stderr").

So I threw together a patch that uses the dos stdout
that is shared by all win16 apps.  Not sure if it's the
right way to go, but it does let you use plain old
redirection to capture the log messages, and it lets
you redirect both test app traces and wine traces to the
same file.

I'm sending it to wine-devel mostly so Lei and anyone else
working on the 16 bit tests can have a look.  I haven't
had a chance to pursue this further myself.
- Dan
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