Wiki looks much better

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Oct 14 15:21:41 CDT 2007

Juan Lang wrote:
> Hi Dimi, I just checked out the Wiki after your most recent checkin.
> It does, indeed, look much better.  Thanks for taking the time to look
> at it.
> And, after reviewing the change, I have to agree:  it would be hard to
> predict that the browsers would do what they did based on the old CSS.
>  :-/
> --Juan

If I may still whine for a bit, the FAQ page still looks a bit ugly due
to the lack of paragraph breaks.  The "Wine/Cedega/Crossover" question,
for instance, needs some empty lines between the paragraphs.

The lists with links look great now, though.  Thanks for getting that
done nice :)

Scott Ritchie

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