OK with: tools/wineprefixcreate.in: create default w32x86 path underspool/drivers

Detlef Riekenberg wine.dev at web.de
Sun Oct 14 16:06:57 CDT 2007

On Fr, 2007-10-12 at 14:22 +0200, Markus Gömmel wrote:
> . I'm a Windows software developer trying to make our
> products running as smooth as possible under Wine.


>  One of our products
> includes a fax printer driver and port monitor for faxing over ISDN boards.

Wine does not use port monitors for printing yet, 
but the port management code works as expected.

> but will use a ::GetPrinterDriverDirectory() call to get the
> printer driver dir, is then copying all the necessary files into this
> directory, fills a DRIVER_INFO_3 structure and then calls
> ::AddPrinterDriver()
> This is probably a bit unusual, but not uncommon.

Yes, this way should work fine in wine.

As soon, as you have CUPS-Printing with a CUPS-Printer or BSD-Printing
with a printer in "/etc/printcap", winspool.drv creates the dir.

As a fallback, your Patch makes sense.

By by ... Detlef

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