Make test drill, next steps, call for help with Winetest

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Oct 15 10:48:54 CDT 2007

Hi Folks,

So I had plan to report on the status of make test, and sound a call to action.

That is, one of the best and most fun things we did at
Wineconf was to call bullshit on the failure of make test to work
reliably.  That is, it only runs cleanly on Alexandre's
machine, and not even all the time then.

So, we worked hard to make 'make test' work reliably on
other folks systems at Wineconf.  We made a lot of progress;
cutting failures by half, I would say.  The closest we got was
with Michael; I think he was down to 3 at the end.  However,
we're still plagued with differences due to chipsets, locales,
and other differences.

But I think it is vital that we continue this work.  The
fact that 'make test' doesn't work anywhere, really, is bullshit.

However, I'm enough of a weasel that I wanted to get out of collating all
of this data myself.

So I investigated (or tried to investigate) winetest to see
if I could dump this work on a tool.  And it looks like it would
be great.  Of course, with a few caveats :-/.

In my opinion, it needs the following:

  1.  A Wiki page!

      I could not find *any* documentation on this utility.

      For example, I'm still not entirely clear on how to
      setup and/or register my so that my results
      are available on the web site.  (And the rather
      non intuitive requirement to 'know' the unpublished
      url  is harsh).

  2.  Headless operation

      From my experiments, there were a number of dialogs
      I had to dismiss, and some worrying complaints in
      unpacking msvcrtd and msvcrt tests.

      This second point is probably a bit less important
      than the first.

However, it looked like if just a few little glitches could
be ironed out, that it would be a fantastic tool for working
on the make test problem.  We'd be able to see the common
failures, and work to resolve them and drive them to zero.

Is there someone that could do the first part of this?
Just document what is already there?  Or point me to the
page that exists that I just missed?



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