RICHED20: EM_SETTEXTEX must support RTF strings too

Daniel Remenak dtremenak at
Mon Oct 15 12:24:52 CDT 2007

When you fix bugs that are documented in comments, please fix the comments also.

At the top of the file:
  EM_SETTEXTEX 3.0 (no rich text insertion handling, proper style?)

And in the case itself
    /* FIXME: this should support RTF strings too, according to MSDN */

Daniel Remenak

On 10/13/07, a_villacis at <a_villacis at> wrote:
> Another fix for Zoiper ( This app can display an About dialog
> with a richedit control that displays program credits. The text is a RTF
> string pasted with EM_SETTEXTEX, which should result in formatted text being
> displayed, but instead results in raw display of RTF codes. The attached
> patch fixes this.
> Changelog:
> * EM_SETTEXTEX should also support RTF strings, just like WM_SETTEXT

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