Wine 1.0 bugs, release criteria

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Tue Oct 16 13:35:26 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel <dank <at>> writes:

*>* At Wineconf 2007, I was appointed to be the guy who decides
*>* (with Alexandre's approval) what bugs are 1.0 bugs and what aren't.
*>* So I've started adjusting the "Target Release" fields on a few
*>* bugs in Bugzilla.
*>* Over the next month or so, I'd like Wine developers to nominate
>* Comments?
*>* - Dan

Good Afternoon,

I believe Ventrilo meets the criteria set forth in  In the gaming community, when
you use VOIP applications, it generally boils down to TeamSpeak and
Ventrilo.  While TeamSpeak has a Linux native client, Ventrilo doesn't.  I
can't necessarily say Vent holds 50% of the market, but I feel safe in
saying it holds a significant share of it.  This is mainly based on the fact
several companies have sprung up over the years to offer hosting of Vent
servers.  The client can be freely downloaded from the Ventrilo website (, but I'm not sure if it can be grabbed
with wget.  Lastly, it does not have an autoupdate but it will pop up a
notice if a new version is available.

If it is found that Ventrilo would be a suitable program for consideration
in the 1.0 release, the following issues would need to be addressed:

Thank you for reading this post.

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