Photoshop Elements 5 Tryout?

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Oct 19 09:53:50 CDT 2007

On 10/19/07, Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes <alex at> wrote:
> > Anyone have a URL for PSE 5 trial version?
> > I'm updating
> >
> Any reason why you're not using the AppDB?  This is exactly what it is for,

The only reason I have that wiki page is as a rallying point for
the folks working to get Photoshop running on Wine.
And the appdb isn't very good at
formatting  (the HTML editing widget is slow and klunky, and only
controls a small active area).
Finally, I've been asking for appdb maintainer status for photoshop
for months now, and haven't gotten it.
So the appdb wasn't even an option, and fighting to get it didn't seem
worth it.

> and a quick search for 'Photoshop Elements' gave me a 5.0 entry with a trial
> link . . .

Yeah, but it's out of date, it gives you PSE 6.
- Dan

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