pdh: check for NULL pointer reference

Jeff Latimer lats at yless4u.com.au
Mon Oct 22 06:15:57 CDT 2007

> I don't think we want to emulate the broken XP behaviour of requiring a
> buffer, even when querying the buffer size. Apps written to comply with
> this behaviour should work on the current implementation. And MSDN mentions
> only XP, which implies that it has been fixed in Win2k3 and up.
In this case the fix is for a Null reference as indicated in the 
accompanying tests.  The test prangs in the current build and the patch 
for pdh_main.c fixes the behaviour on XP.  As I said, I can't tell if it 
fixes it in anything else.  However, there needs to be a fix for the 
NULL reference and the case of needing a buffer if size and index > 0 
seems to be reasonable behaviour. 

Does the test set work on Win2003|win2K?


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