How long should 'make test' take?

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Oct 24 13:17:19 CDT 2007

Here are all the tests that take more than five seconds:

5.407s service.c
6.010s console.c
6.252s msg.c
9.657s process.c
12.053s timer.c
14.080s shlexec.c
17.760s install.c
24.018s wave.c
648.722s ftp.c

Other than wininet's ftp test and maybe winmm's wave test,
the overall time seems reasonable.

IMHO we should disable the ftp test until its runtime can
be brought down below 20 seconds.  It's just too slow,
and too dependent on stuff not under Wine's control
(e.g. one's internet connection).

And I have a really fast internet connection... it's
just that my ping time to winehq is 80ms.  I bet
the ftp test runs fast in Minneapolis...
- Dan

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